GIRL POWER Old Gold Coolis


If you can't find your size, please e-mail us for a custom order. Your shoes will be shipped in 10 business days.

Zipped Ankle Boots composition:100% natural, chrome-free, soft tan leather upper* and lining, with a smooth, bright rubber sole and a zip closure.

Coolis shoes are ethically and counsciously crafted, including reusing and upcycling materials #circulareconomy

All #coolisshoes are proudly handmade in family business workshops in Portugal, certified for "Compliance and Sustainability" by ICS

*The metallic layer of this material is a surface finishing and so with abrasion and wear the metallic finish can be removed. This is normal wear for this type of leather and is not considered a flaw. Once the metallic finish is removed, it cannot be re-applied. Avoid contact with liquids containing alcohol as this will remove the color and finishing. Excess abrasion should also be avoided as once the foil becomes damaged this cannot be repaired. Any loose dirt can be wiped with a soft damp cloth and dried immediately away from direct heat.

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